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Monoclonal antibodies for an undruggable target?

New targets in autoimmunity, inflammatory, dermatology neurological, infectious diseases, or cancer?

Disruptive and rational immunization protocol, able to generate antiboides for these targets?

Specific and predictable interaction pattern of your antibody-target system, selecting specific and good developability antibodies?

BioClonal Business Model and Project Deliverables

BioClonal Business Model and Project Deliverables

Ways to partner with us

Module 1

Our experts evaluate all projects, who will prepare a feasibility assesment. In this report, they will study your proposed system, as well as the target if you provide us with it or other possibilities. In addition, they will evaluate the feasibility and the optimal protocol to follow using the RedMabs platform. The business model in this first module is a short term service like partnership.

Module 2

We will immunize the mice in our facilities, following the protocols concluded as optimal in module 1. Our goal is your success, we will continue to optimize the process until we get the expected monoclonal antibodies. The commercial relationship in this module is a long-term partnership, established through a mutual contract.

Module 3

If you have your B-cell selection technologies available, you can continue the project from this point. Otherwise, we offer you the complete service up to obtaining the selected hybridomas and a small amount of antibody, as well as their sequencing and characterization.

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Part of your project and your team

A strategic partner in a long term sheet

Compromised with the process to the clinic

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