Paula Garfella en Café para 10 de 'Mujeres en Farma

2023 Mar 24
Our CEO, Paula Garfella, participated in a new edition of Café para 10, organized by 'Mujeres En Farma' with Isabel Alcalde Giraudo, Partner and Head of Healthcare at AVQ.

They talked about leadership, maintaining our DNA and our way of being when it comes to leading and the change that has occurred in the different ways of leading over time.

 In Spain, two out of every three R&D positions in pharmaceutical companies are held by women, and they occupy 53 percent of all positions in the sector.

 If we talk about management positions, equity is evident, with percentages above 44%, this is paradoxical, compared to 17.6 percent in IBEX-35 companies. Especially in the case of CEOs, 20.3% compared to 3.6%, according to data from the latest survey carried out by Farmaindustria

 BioClonal is very proud to be aware of the implicit value of diversity. In fact, 80% of our employees today are women. That surpasses any quota. But fo rus, rather tan any quota, there will always be excellent teamwork.
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